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       We are the Timeless Theta Chapter of Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. and first and only Asian-Interest Sorority at Emory University. Our chapter strives to promote Asian awareness, female leadership, and Everlasting Sisterhood®. Founded on March 14, 2002, our five charters established the Sisterhood to create a greater understanding of Asian-American cultural issues for the Emory community. Using the diversity of our sorority, we continue the legacy of our Founders through a large global network of sisters and hope to have young undergraduate women join us in our mission.

Meet the newest butterflies!
Fall '20: Alpha Epsilon Class
The Notorious Nine
AME:  Angela *Kalonice* Guevarra (Spring '19)
AAME:  Grace *Akalei* Yang (Spring '19)
#134  Priscilla *yuvemia* Lin
#135  Julie Huisheng *Avelina* Zhu
#136  Pandora *Neptivir* Shou
#137  Siwei Vivi *stelónix* Xu
#138  Jenny *Rika* Yang
#139  Sooyoung *Seolhi* Yang
#140  Luna Qianqian *Klairalune* Li
#141  Lilian *Issará* Le
#142  Katherine *Kazhalia* Dong
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"Let Our Light Shine Forth!"

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